Paid Workshop
12th & 13th Nov 2017 in KOLKATA

Soul DNA Healing (Karuna Reiki) & Yog Mudra
Past Life Regression (on demand) & Tarot Card Reading (on demand)

by Grand Master
Shweta Sharma & Team, Time 11:00AM to 7:00PM


Tarot Card

Workshop, Teaching.

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Past Life

You can meet Your ownself

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Seminars Workshops
Healing Teaching

Increase your energy level

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We Specialize In

With more than 10 years of experience in healing consulting, we deliver results to help grow your healing power, Improve you mind power, Increase your energy level and enhance your immune system. These make you emotinally and mentally stable, boost your stamina, changes thoughts, belief, perception and attitude.

  • Reiki all levels
  • Karuna Healing all levels
  • Physic Surgery and Healing
  • Past Life Regressions
  • Kundalini
  • Tarot Card and Karmic Spread Healing
  • Vastu Basic and Advance
  • Crystal Science
  • Meditation
  • Power Yoga
  • Colour and mudra therapy


How it Works

Soul Based

Karmic pattern, Past life Regression etc.

Mind Based

Though pattern, Belief, Perception etc

Emotion Based

Attachment, Reactivity, Sensitivity, Feeling, Sensations etc.

Physical Based

Diet, Activity, Addiction, Medicine etc..

Spiritual Based

Spritual EGO, unethical teaching and perceptong

Social Based

People interference, organization, business-gambling, match fixing etc.

8 years caring about you

Professional Specialists


Shweta Sharma


Shweta Sharma holds GrandMaster Degree in Reiki (All Levels), viz Karuna Reiki part I, part II, Physic Surgery, Past Life Regression since 2009 and Tarot Card Reading since 2006. She and her team provides holistic healing and training solutions for a vartiety of problems.

She and Jeevan Aasha team conducts seminars across India in different states and various cities creating awareness and educating society in spiritual sciences. She has trained over 750 students across India and number is growing.

The Fastest Way To Recover

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Jeevan Aasha News

Jeevan Assha is a spiritual healing and training facility that
is primarily focused on educating the society in spiritual sciences.

Past Life Regrsssion

Workshops and Seminars

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Tarot Card Reading

Reading and Training

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Karuna Reiki

Healing and Training

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Emotional Empowerment

Technique Training

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Free Workshops and Seminars

Every Tuesdays with Registration

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Physic Surgery

Healing and Training.

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